Introduction of
Solomon Islands


Introduction/ Location of Solomon Islands

Centered around longitude 160 degrees east and latitude 9 degrees sough of the equator, Solomon Islands comprises 992 islands, of which 147 are inhabited. These stretch 1448 kilometers (900 miles) in a south-easterly direction from the Shortland Islands, on the border with Papua New Guinea, to the Santa Cruz Islands, which borders with Vanuatu. The archipelago covers an area of 461,000 sq km (249,000 sq km (10,938 sq miles) is landmass. The six biggest islands are Choiseul, New Georgia, Santa Isabel, Guadalcanal, Malaita and Makira.

On the atlas, Solomon Islands lies northeast of Australia and southwest of Hawaii.  Deeply forested mountainous islands and a towering contrast to low-lying coral atolls, right down to the tiny artificial islands built of coral and soil common on Malaita’s northern coast.

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