Investment Information


Investment Information/ Investment Opportunity

Fisheries Development
  1. Tuna harvesting and processing
  2. Export of frozen tuna
  3. Export of other marine resources
  4. Reef fish harvesting and processing
  5. Aquaculture development in prawn farming, fish farming and others
  6. Seaweed planting

Agriculture development
  1. Commercial farming in cattle, piggery and poultry
  2. Land development for plantations including cocoa, coconut and palm oil
  3. Downstream processing for cocoa powdery and coconut oil for various uses
  4. Cassava processing for flour and other related products
  5. Commercial planting and processing of banana, chilies and vegetables for both domestic and export markets
  6. Processing of agriculture fruits for both local and export markets.

Tourism Development
  1. Hotel construction and development
  2. Resort development 3. Eco Lodge development
  3. Travelers’ information services
  4. Tourism hospitality training
  5. Investments targeting diving, kayaking, bush walk, etc…

Mining Development
  1. Research and Exploration of minerals
  2. Extraction of minerals

  1. Processing of semi to complete products in
  2. Food and beverage
  3. Agricultural products
  4. Fisheries products
  5. Garment and associate products
  6. Forestry products
  7. Metal products
  8. Sea transport products
  9. Water products
  10. Paper manufacturing
  11. Furniture and building materials manufacturing

  1. Supply of building and construction materials
  2. Architectural services
  3. Building and construction
  4. Supply of skilled service
  5. Building and Consultancy service

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